Here are some frequently questions and their answers.

What does AACW stand for?
AACW stands for: Afghan American Community of Washington
Where is AACW located?
AACW is located in Washington State.
How do I make donations?

Make a tax-deductible donation by clicking on the donate button in the main menu. From there you will be asked the amount you’d like to donate and the option to choose which program you want to make donations to. CLICK HERE TO DONATE

How can I cancel my monthly membership?
If you’d like to cancel your monthly membership please email us at: With the subject titled: CANCEL MEMBERSHIP
How much of the donations go to the selected programs?
100% of the donations go to the program you donate to.
How can I keep up with the latest news?
You can subscribe your email to our mailing list. We will send periodic updates of our latest news, events, and updates directly to your email. SIGN UP HERE
I'm new to Washington State, where can I find assistance?
Welcome to Washington State. Take a look at our resources page for the helpful links to help with your journey. CLICK HERE
How does the AACW help Afghan refugees and immigrants?

AACW strives to help Afghans find community and support in the U.S through linking them to services and support networks through our community center “Masjid Quba”.

Is my donation tax deductible?

All donations are tax deductible (Federal tax ID # 83-2430967) and eligible for employer matching.

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Be A Part of Masjid “Quba”

"Reminder to all respected individuals who would like to be part of the Masjid, Masjid "Quba" To donate for Masjid, go to our website at or call AACW financial team at 206 - 972- 4774 Note: We keep a very clear and precise record of...

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