Our Mission

We thank each and every one of you for showing great support towards the goal of purchasing the Masijid property.

We are asking you to click “Like” if you are willing and able to attend the fundraising event. This will help the management team better prepare for the number of poeple attending, amount of food to be served and the size of the event hall to be rented.

AACW Management

Here are some important updates and the next steps on purchasing Masjid property for the community:

Important Updates:

1. UBI number has been obtained (this was provided when AACW was registered)
2. EIN has been assigned to AACW (9 digit number is used for IRS tax filing and reporting purposes). Also, this number was required to open an official AACW bank account.
3. AACW has been registered as a fundraising organization with the Secretary of State (your donation will be tax detectable)
4. Our community official bank account has been opened (the banking and other AACW financials matters will be handled by our Treasury team of 5 trusted and qualified individuals, all transactions will run through a professional accounting software that will document each and every transaction for accurate reporting)
5. Administrative – Our filing system has been standardized by our Administrator and additional volunteer staff has been added to help with Facebook and upcoming Website updates.
6. Our Treasury team has been elected and the team will be introduced to the community soon via AACW upcoming Website.
7. Our Community Outreach Director has elected his team and the team will be introduced via AACW upcoming website.
8. A qualified Afghan woman from the community has been elected as the Women Leadership and Advocacy Director (she is already working on a program with DSHS. Also, finding ways to get grant funding for Afghan women’s program) … more to come on this. Sisters will be notified when the program starts taking place Insha’Allah.
9. Education, Event and Athletic teams (Committees) are still in our mid to long-term plans.

Purchasing masjid property:

We found two (potential) commercial zoned properties here in Kent and Auburn area, one is very well laid out and ready to serve our community’s purpose.

The property has 4 buildings, which can be used for various community needs:
1. 1st building can be used for main masjid (5 daily prayers, Jumna prayers, and other Islamic programs)
2. 2nd building can be used for the sister’s daily prayers, jumaa prayers, and other sisters program.
3. 3rd building can be utilized for our children classrooms ( Pashto, Dari, and Islamic studies)
4. The fenced playground area (this area is already made for this purpose) can be utilized for children activities during their break times.
5. 4th building can be used for office, a guest house for Afghans visiting out of state and/or it can be used for temp shelter for needy individuals or family.

How you can help: take part in succeeding to build your home (Masjid) for you and your children.

We, as the community management team have listened to you when you asked us to work towards purchasing the property for Masjid, we have worked hard to unite our community, registered and legalized an organization that will serve all of us equally and fairly. Now we are here and it is time for all of you (us) to step up and pay for it.
The asking price of the property is approximately $1,000,000. We are planning to negotiate the price down when we are ready to offer.

How do we do this?

We are planning to organize a fundraising event and all of you are encouraged to attend and participate… the date will be announced as soon as our team is ready to schedule the date (by the end of February or mid-March)

Our target is to raise the whole amount of $1,000,000. To do this, we ask all Afghan men and women to contribute to this great cause, to build a home for yourselves and your children’s future in this world and a great reward (sadaqa Jaria) for your akhira.

If you realize the urgency of this important Center (Masjid) for our community, please don’t hesitate to take part in paying your share.

We also ask you to like this post and give us thumbs up if you want to support this cause financially. This will give us an estimate of the number of people who would be willing to support and attend our fundraising event.

Again, thank you all in advance for supporting your community. Looking forward to hearing back from all of you!

AACW management team

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