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AACW Masjid Quba Organization Structure


Officers (Executive Governance of the Organization- Leads by President)

1. Noor Anjaz- President

2. Qais Hamdard – Vice President

3. Shoaib Tareen – Secretary

4. Mahfooz Hejran- Treasurer

Board of Directors (Civil Governance of the Organization- Leads by President)

1. Mahfooz Hejran

2. Qais Hamdard

3. Shoaib Tareen

4. Sayed Hamid Hasami

5. Shekib Ahmad Alizai

Masjid Council (Spiritual Governance of the Organization- Leads by Spiritual leader (Imam) and support by all


1. Merajuddin Majed

2. Aziz Saidy

3. Rafiq Noori

4. Mohmmad Omer

5. Ahmad Bahrami

6. Naqibullah Shahi

7. Ziaulhaq Azizi

8. Abdul Ghafar Faizi


AACW/Masjid Quba Approved Committees per Article 3, Section 6 of the Bylaw

Masjid Education Committee (Manages by Masjid Council)

1. Merajuddin Majed- Imam and Principal

2. Mohammad Omar Farooqi- Administrator

3. Sister Spugmi Habibi- Teacher

4. Sister Ome Gulsom Bahrami- Teacher

5. Sister Huma Sultanzoy- Teacher

6. Sister Aqlima Asem- Teacher

7. Ahmad Farhad Bahrami- Teacher

8. Muhammad Hamed Qanit- Teacher

9. Naqibullah Shahi- Teacher

10. Ziaullhaq Azizi- Finance and Logistic

11. Mohammad Malang- Public Service

Finance Committee (All Financial affairs of the 0rganization manages by Treasurer. Reports to Board of Directors and


1. Mahfooz Hejran- Treasurer

2. Zabihullah Zairmal- Account Specialist

3. Abdul Hasib Ashrafi- Account Clerk

4. Qais Hamdard – Account Data Entry Specialist

Community Outreach Committee (support by the officers “President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretory)

1. Mahfooz Hejran (Community Outreach Lead)

2. Muhammad Hamed Qanit

Athletic Committee

1. Rahmat Safi- Sports programs

Communication and Public Relations Committee

CULTURE (Language translation and others that falls under Farhang)

1. Walid Lemar

2. Khalilullah Sultani

3. Mohammad Rahim Popal

IT (Information Technology)

1. Walid Lemar (All IT related, Facebook and Website )

MEDIA (support by the officers “President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretory)

1. Mujib Akbari (All social media filming, graphic design)

2. Naweed Khan Sadat (Khutbah/lecture live broadcasting- supporting Mujib Akbari when the need arises)

Event programs Committee (support by Finance Team and Masjid Council)

1. Abdul Ahmad (Sohil)- Event Venue scheduler/organizer

2. Ahmaddudin Shirzad- Food Service

3. Arshad Ahmad Nabawi- Food service

4. Atiq Noori- Food Service

Building Services Committee (security, parking, maintenance, janitorial, installation)

1. Rafiq Noori- Building Service Lead

2. Roeinurahman Mansoor- Parking, Security

3. Fazludin Tanweer- Maintenance

4. Fazil Rabi Ahmadzai- Parking, Security

5. Mohammad Akram Qalandari- Landscaping, Gardening

Facility Improvement and Development Committee (supports by President, Treasurer, and Board of Directors)

1. Noor Anjaz- Engineering and Development

2. Younis Mahmoodi- Engineering

3. Mohammad Omar Farooqi- Engineering


4. Noorullah Ibrahimkhail- Engineering

This document is officially approved by adopted Resolution 015