Noor Anjaz
Noor Anjaz was born in Kabul Afghanistan, living in USA since 1984. He is a certified Facility Engineer and currently employed by McKinstry FMS LLC, as a Program Manager. Most of his work experience has been spent in managing projects and teams. He also served as Facility Engineer, Lead Facility Engineer, and Critical Facility Manager as of 2006.
After graduating from high school, Noor spent most of his young adulthood training and teaching Martial Arts. He is the founder of a martial art style (Chuan Tao Kung Fu) and owned martial arts studio for 15 years before passing off the business to his disciples to return to college and change his career toward engineering.
Noor enjoys working on new projects, he enjoys challenges and helping others. When not working on projects, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, volunteering in charity events, spending time outdoors, exercising, and traveling. He is a devoted Muslim and enjoys spending his time acquiring knowledge, talking to others who are curious and ask questions about Islam, and to clarify the general misconceptions about Islam.
As the President of Afghan American Community of Washington, he hopes to help the Afghan community come together and create a brotherhood and within it establish a community and congregation center for the unity of all Afghans especially for our Afghan youth. He hopes that this effort will help preserve the Afghan culture and identity in future generations and is looking forward to working with and getting to know each and every individual in our community.

Board of Director

Abid Rahmani
Abid Rahmani was born in Balkh Afghanistan and having been living in Kent since the beginning of 2016. Abid graduated from the Physics department of Peshawar University of Pakistan in 2009. After Education Abid has moved back to Afghanistan and worked with many international firms, focusing on SME development, Community Engagement, and on business development. Abid currently works with Refugee Resettlement Office-RRO on Economic self-sufficiency programs, which mainly focus on Refugees, Asylees, and SIVs. I addition, he serves as the Board of Director for Afghan American Community of Washington (AACW). Abid always strive to unite and bring all Afghan together.

Board of Director

Samiullah Babakrkhil
Serves as the Board of Director for AACW
Born in Kabul Afghanistan
Live in USA (Seattle Washington) since 2004
Graduated from Istiqlal Haigh School – Kabul 1993

Board of Director

Khalilullah Sultani
Khalilullah Sultani was born in Afghanistan and moved to Washington State in 2014. Mr. Sultani has a bachelor’s degree in law and political science and has working experience with both national and international organizations in Afghanistan.
Mr. Sultani is in the ACCW as board of directors/ media team leader and outreach committee member.
Mr Sultani is passionate to help and serve people.

Vice President

Hewad Ahmadzai
Hewad Ahmadzai, was born in Kabul Afghanistan. He completed high school and college in Peshawar Pakistan in 2008. Hewad attended Ashcroft Business School at Anglia Ruskin University in England. After completing studies in England, he returned to Afghanistan and had worked in different capacities in government, the private sector, and international agencies. Currently, he is employed by Costco Wholesale Inc. working in the company’s headquarter.
Mr. Ahmadzai has been officially appointed as the Vice President of AUCW. His vision is to have an organization that will bring the Afghan community together, work in the best interest of the community in the United States and strong enough to promote Afghanistan’s interest in general.
Hiking, camping, and traveling are some of his main hobbies, his only wish is to have PEACE and UNITY in Afghanistan.

Board of director /treasurer

Sami hesamuddin
Sami Hesamuddin was born in Kabul Afghanistan, living in USA since 2016.

Board of Director

Qais Hamdard
Qais Hamdard was born in Kabul Afghanistan, he moved to Washington from Afghanistan in 2011 and started his career working for USPS. He has been elected as the 2nd vice President and board of Director of Afghan American Community of Washington. Mr. Hamdard is one of the original founder of the AACW organization and a very committed member of the organization. He is always working hard in planning and bringing new ideas to improve the AACW operation, and to help reach our goal of helping every individual in our community.

Board of Director

Mahfooz Hejran
Mahfooz Hejran became the Afghan American Community of Washington (AACW)’s Board of Directors and Outreach Director in June 2018. His appointment came after a gathering voting by the AACW’s Board of Directors.

He has more than 15 years of experience in Human Resoruces and Operations. His strengths include Public relations/Communications, HR, Procurement Finance, Logistics, Maintenance, & overall Operations. Currently, he is studying at Highline College for his bachelor degree.

Administrative Director

Shoaib Tarin
Mohammad Shoaib Tarin is an Optician who was born in Kabul Afghanistan. He has been living in the US since 2013.
Mr. Tarin is a certified Ophthalmology Assistant and is presently employed by Clearview Eye and Laser, PLLC as an Optician. He also served at National Vision Inc as Optometrist Assistant.
Mr. Tarin earned his AAS degree from Renton Technical Collage in 2016. Previously, he got his bachelors from the University of Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan in Information Technology.
Mr. Tarin enjoys working in fast paced environment. He loves to spend time with friends and is really keen to help Afghans.
Elected as the Administrative Director of Afghan American Community of Washington.

Board of Director

Hussain Gul Humdard
Hussain Gul Humdard Serves as the Board of Director of Afghan American Community of Washington.
He has served as member of social community “Totakhail Zwannan” in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Mr. Humdard has graduated from Kandahar school of Medicine. Worked with USACE, UNOPS, JICA and Asian Development Bank in the field of Construction management and business development. He is a social person, like family and friends gathering. As a Board of Director, he will continue to work hard towards unity and success of Afghan community.

Board of Director

Sayed Hamed Hasami
Sayed Hamed Hasami was born in Kunduz province in Afghanistan and moved from Afghanistan to Washington in 2017. He received a BA degree in Social Science from Kabul University, Afghanistan. There, he worked for more than ten years with United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and other organizations and projects funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The mission of these projects were to create job opportunities for people, he was responsible for managing, coaching job skills and helping the businesses diversify their workforce. Sayed Hamed also worked two years for the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce as Membership Promotion Officer and this experience taught him valuable networking skills. In his free time, he likes to read books, play volleyball and explore the beauty of nature. Currently he is working with Trillium Employment agency and also volunteering Kent chamber of commerce. Mr. Sayed Hamed is serving as one of the Board of Directors of Afghan American Community of Washington.

Board of Director

Asadullah Arif
Asadullah is born in Ghazni, Afghanistan in 1987. He lived in Seattle, Washington since 2015. Asadullah has attended Mirza
Faiz Mohammad-e-Katib high school. He has a BA in Fine Arts from Kabul University, Afghanistan and AAS in Human Services from Highline College, Washington. Asadullah has worked different position with local and international organizations in Afghanistan, and currently employed as a Financial Service Specialist with Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). As a board member of Afghan American Community of Washington (AACW), his vision is peace, stability, and equal opportunity for all people throughout the world. Because, only with these values, we can build strong and inclusive community.

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