AACW Services

The Afghan American Community of Washington (AACW) Services is dedicated to enriching the lives of its members through a wide array of initiatives designed to foster unity, health, and cultural pride. Our Community Outreach programs are the cornerstone of our mission, actively engaging with the Afghan American population to address their needs and provide essential services. From educational workshops and health screenings to food drives and support for refugees, we strive to uplift our community and ensure that every individual feels valued and supported.

In addition to our outreach efforts, AACW Services takes pride in promoting a well-rounded lifestyle through Athletics, Public Relations, and Event Programs. Our athletics initiatives encourage physical fitness and camaraderie through organized sports leagues, fitness classes, and recreational activities. Through our Public Relations efforts, we work to raise awareness about the Afghan American community’s contributions and achievements, fostering positive relationships with the broader public and media. Our Event Programs celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Afghan Americans by organizing festivals, cultural exhibitions, and community gatherings that bring people together to share in the beauty of our traditions and collective experiences. Together, these services create a vibrant, interconnected community that thrives on mutual support and shared values.

Community Outreach


Public Relations

Event Programs

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