Our Mission

AACW Masjid Quba is a thriving diverse Afghan American Community based on Islamic values, providing religious and social services with the intent to fostering and preserving what is considered essential to human welfare such as Religion, Life, Family, Mind, Wealth, Justice, and Liberty.

1. Religion:
AACW Masjid Quba places a strong emphasis on the importance of faith and spiritual growth. The mosque serves as a sanctuary where members of the community can come together to pray, study the Quran, and engage in religious education. It offers various programs and classes that help deepen understanding of Islamic teachings and principles, nurturing a sense of devotion and connection to God.

2. Life:
The community at AACW Masjid Quba is dedicated to upholding the sanctity of life. This includes promoting health and wellness initiatives, providing support during times of illness, and ensuring that all community members have access to essential resources for a healthy lifestyle. The mosque also plays a vital role in supporting life events such as births, marriages, and funerals, offering guidance and support during these significant moments.

3. Family:
Family is considered the cornerstone of society within the AACW Masjid Quba community. The mosque offers various programs aimed at strengthening family bonds, including marriage counseling, parenting workshops, and family-oriented events. By fostering a supportive environment for families, the community helps ensure that family values and traditions are preserved and passed down to future generations.

4. Mind:
Recognizing the importance of intellectual growth and mental well-being, AACW Masjid Quba provides numerous educational opportunities for all ages. From Islamic studies and Arabic language classes to seminars on mental health and personal development, the mosque is committed to nurturing the minds of its community members. Additionally, it offers a safe space for open dialogue and discussions on various topics, encouraging critical thinking and continuous learning.

5. Wealth:
Economic stability and the fair distribution of resources are essential aspects of the community’s mission. AACW Masjid Quba supports initiatives aimed at improving financial literacy, providing job training programs, and offering assistance to those in need. By promoting the principles of charity (zakat) and social responsibility, the mosque helps ensure that wealth is used to benefit the community as a whole and reduce economic disparities.

6. Justice:
Justice is a fundamental value upheld by AACW Masjid Quba. The community is actively involved in advocating for social justice, fighting against discrimination, and promoting equality. Through various outreach programs and partnerships with other organizations, the mosque works to address injustices and support the rights of all individuals, regardless of their background or status.

7. Liberty:
Liberty and freedom are core principles that the AACW Masjid Quba community strives to protect. The mosque promotes an environment where individuals can freely practice their faith and express their beliefs without fear of persecution. It also supports efforts to defend civil liberties and human rights, ensuring that the community members can live their lives with dignity and autonomy.

In summary, AACW Masjid Quba is deeply committed to fostering a well-rounded and supportive community based on Islamic values. By focusing on religion, life, family, mind, wealth, justice, and liberty, the mosque plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall well-being and welfare of its members.