Masjid Quba | Funeral (Janazah) Services

Masjid Quba provides funeral services for the community as part of Islamic obligation to our community. We know that it is very difficult when a loved one passes away and often do not know where to find help.

Masjid Quba can help with:

  • Arranging with cemetery (House of Mercy) the transport of the deceased from hospital to funeral home, mosque and/or cemetery.

  • Mobilizing trained volunteers (men or women) for the (Gusul), to perform the washing of the deceased per Islamic guidelines.

  • Dressing the deceased in Kaffan (shroud) following the washing.

  • Facilitating the burial process including the procurement of burial space in Muslim cemeteries.

The services provided by Masjid Quba are all free of charge, except for the cost of transport, funeral home charges, and burial costs, which are paid directly to the funeral home or cemetery by the family.  In cases where families are unable to afford services or burial plots, Masjid Quba can fundraise to cover these services. If you are unable to pay for the costs of burial, please contact Masjid Quba directly at or speak to the imam directly at Masjid Quba after prayers.

For services: please contact Masjid Quba at or speak to the imam directly at Masjid Quba after prayers.