“Reminder to all respected individuals who would like to be part of the Masjid, Masjid “Quba”

To donate for Masjid, go to our website at https://aacwashington.org/donate/ or call AACW financial team at 206 – 972- 4774

Note: We keep a very clear and precise record of member’s payments.

Anyone in the community who would like to contribute towards Masjid property improvement and payoff amount, please be informed that the TIME is now to pay. We ask and encourage all of you to be part of the Masjid community, open your hearts and pay as much as you can afford. This is your Masjid, so don’t hesitate to build your own home for the future of your children and youth.

We are asking your financial support for the property improvement expenses, such as, parking lot improvement, carpentry, painting, building a deck, carpet installation, etc.)

This property is perfect for our use now and having large enough land (2.3 acres), this property has the potential to be utilized for a future state of the art Masjid. Insha’Allah

Our short term goal is to clean up, open the Masjid for prayers, children classes, and some youth activities as soon as possible.

Our long term goal is to build a state of the art Masjid building. if Allah wills.

May Allah swt open all of our hearts towards this great cause (Sadaqa Jaria) Ameen.

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